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Ments Globals

Web Educativa – Repositori d’Eines Digitals (2015-2019) Volem facilitar l’accès i ús a noves formes de comunicar en un món complex i en constant transformació. Tallers educatius […]


Theatrical & Internet AD Orquestra Simfònica del Vallés and Reel Solutions present: Simfònica Film Live Hitchcock’s Masterpiece Psycho (1960) with live Score from Bernard Herrmann played […]

Calling Soon

A phone call can change your life forever Film credits Written / Directed by Xavier Satorra Director of Photography: Blai Tomàs Cast: Natalia Khod, Gus Giner […]


Consultancy (2006/2008) Over two years we work as Consultants and Coordinators for Karşilaşma, an Arts and Culture Exhibit from Turkey for being programmed in Barcelona. The […]

Markets of Barcelona

Corporate Communications (2008/2010) Developing Corporate Communications for both external and internal publics for Markets of Barcelona and its stakeholders. Working to build the Barcelona Public Organization’s […]

Sound of the Tembur (London)

    Sound of Tembur: Mysterious Heritage Aynur Dogan & Mikail Aslan Ensemble. Live Concert. Queen Elizabeth Hall. London 2006. Video Coordinator: Xavier Satorra (The Visual […]


Premi Enderrock 2014 Millor VideoclipEnderrock 2014 Award for Best Music Videoenderrock.cat/noticia/8958/catarres/grans/guanyadors/votacio/popularMusic video for Blaumut song ‘Bicicletes’ (Bicycles) from the album ‘El Turista’ (The Tourist, 2012) Written […]