Every time a person or object connects to the digital world, they contribute to the explosive growth of a new shared global commons. The unprecedented opportunities and benefits from new infrastructure, applications and data are, however, paired with new problems to solve and dilemmas to manage.



Secrets of the Cyber World


A journey into the world of cyber security. We share light on our vulnerabilities, how the digital world affects the physical world, and what we can all do to stay safe. We explore the perspectives of hackers, members of government, military, intelligence agencies, and everything in between. Experts believe that a cyber war can bring us back to the stone ages. Think you are safe? Find out more!



Cyber Crimes

Cyber crime can affect anyone at any time. Our sharing of personal information and reliance on online services make us all potential targets of internet crime. Cyber crime is on the rise and can affect billions worldwide.


Un futur artificial

El cervell humà és la ‘tecnologia’ més complexa que coneixem, de moment...La Intel·ligència Artificial fa dècades que s’aplica a la nostra societat tot i que moltes vegades no en siguem conscients.