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The goal of the study was to investigate which behaviors are linked to certain personality types.It also found extroverts are more likely to speed while driving and that kind people are more likely to belt out tunes in the shower.There’s a story that when it was first seen, the speed of the Mercedes 300SL so rattled the Jaguar team that they sacrificed the C-type’s reliability for speed and lost out at the 1952 Le Mans to the slippery 300SL.Strangely the gullwing doors aren’t a huge problem for bay parking, but getting in and out is an inelegant process.Also whistling are the aluminium doors, which don’t seal as well as a modern car.

The driving position isn’t bad, but the red leather buckets are sweaty and have no support or whiplash protection.

At 80mph with 3,500rpm on the clock in fourth the gullwing is starting to tell you it’s a very serious piece of kit.

With its flickering instrument needles and guttural industrial engine note, it feels more like an aeroplane than a car and you half expect Berlin’s old Tempelhof aerodrome to hove into view through the greenhouse-like cabin.

Maintenance was parlous, however, as the fuel quickly poisoned the lubricating oil, which demanded a big sump capacity of 2.2 gallons and oil-change intervals of just 1,000 miles.

This isn’t a heavy car, it wasn’t idly named SL (Sports Leicht) and at 1,295kg dry weight, its space-frame construction and aluminium doors, bonnet and boot gave it performance to match and beat the opposition.

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The driveline is taut and requires smooth inputs to prevent shunt, but the engine gains revs more slowly than a modern lump and you have to double declutch the ratios going down the ’box.

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