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One of the key non-discrimination requirements of Title I of the ADA is the obligation to provide reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities.

There are no specific policies or procedures that employers must follow when trying to accommodate an employee with a disability.

An accommodation is a modification to the work environment or the way an essential job function is performed.

Learn about requesting a reasonable accommodation, how to determine effective accommodations, and what types of accommodations might be reasonable below.

Tailor your plan so it fits both your circumstances and the needs of your workplace.

Be Clear About What You Want Make it clear whether you are requesting a temporary change to address a transitory situation or a more permanent restructuring of your schedule.

What to Say Prepare a message that emphasizes your intention to maintain your current level of responsibility (unless you are looking to transition to a part-time job).

The more important you are to the organization, the better your chances of success.Consult your employee manual to determine whether there are any guidelines for accommodating staff with personal concerns.If your organization advertises itself as an employer that affords work life balance, then your chances of success will be greater.Emphasize how you will make up for any time when you would not be present on the job.Your plan might include working certain hours at home or coming to the office outside the traditional workday.

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