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Evan, myself, and Mena began the hike at about am.Once we began to approach the last leg of the hike, we decided to take the steeper, shorter way up the mountain.I flew back to Denver the next night with the ring buried at the bottom of my bag.Harper was in Connecticut the week after this for work so I had time to plan out the proposal.Harper made the perfect proposal idea easy for me because earlier in the month she mentioned she wanted to hike up our first 14,000 ft mountain in Colorado. Harper - Proposal Since moving to Colorado in June 2015, I've wanted to hike a 14er.There are dozens of mountains in Colorado that are 14,000 ft high known as 14ers.We spent that year giving each other a hard time and making fun of one another to help the shifts go by a little more quickly. Towards the end of that school year, he asked me if I wanted to go to Savannah, GA for the weekend for his fraternity's Spring Formal.

To say the job is grueling is an understatement but at least something great came from the experience.There I was, at a dead stop on the interstate, which gave me an extra 30 minutes to overthink how exactly I was going to ask them for their blessing.When I finally arrived at Samurai Sushi (If you have not been to this fine establishment, I implore you to go) in downtown Nashville, we sat down, had some small talk, and I started my spiel.I stowed the ring in my closet where it seemed to call to me like the Jumanji board game.Every now and then I would pull the ring out and Mena would dance with joy because she thought it was something she could eat.

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