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With this one file you can control how all of your clients access the web.

Most of the modern browsers will use a PAC file without any problems.

This function returns a string with one or more access method specifications.

These specifications cause the user agent to use a particular proxy server or to connect directly.

For example, lets say you are using the PAC file from example number 2 above and saved it to /somedir/ Not all functions are supported by all browsers, so it is best to test thoroughly before distributing your changes. local Host Or Domain Is("www", " is true (hostname match, domain not specified).

Or, you can put the file onto a HTTP server and serve out the PAC file over the network. local Host Or Domain Is("com", " is false (domain name mismatch).

NOTE: You can also put this pac file on a web server and have your users retrieve it over the network.

This is where a PAC (proxy auto config and sometime referred to as a proxy access control) file comes in.This is really helpful if you have more than just a few users. Next, you would add the path into the "automatic proxy configuration URL" in your browser. local Host Or Domain Is("", " is false (hostname mismatch).Now, you need to goto a URL that will trigger a rule in the PAC file to make sure it works. is In Net(host, "", "") is true if the IP address of host matches exactly Range(1, "GMT") true on the first day of each month, GMT Range(1, 15) true on the first half of each month.

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