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For a more complete list see Comparison of webcam software.Special software can use the video stream from a webcam to assist or enhance a user's control of applications and games.By removing the IR filter of the webcam, IR LEDs can be used, which has the advantage of being invisible to the naked eye, removing a distraction from the user.Track IR is a commercial version of this technology.They have also become a source of security and privacy issues, as some built-in webcams can be remotely activated by spyware.The most popular use of webcams is the establishment of video links, permitting computers to act as videophones or videoconference stations.Webcams can be used to take video clips and still pictures.Various software tools in wide use can be employed for this, such as Pic Master (for use with Windows operating systems), Photo Booth (Mac), or Cheese (with Unix systems).

When "captured" by the computer, the video stream may be saved, viewed or sent on to other networks via systems such as the internet, and emailed as an attachment.Webcams have been used for augmented reality experiences online.One such function has the webcam act as a "magic mirror" to allow an online shopper to view a virtual item on themselves.This can be applied to games, providing additional control, improved interactivity and immersiveness.Free Track is a free webcam motion-tracking application for Microsoft Windows that can track a special head-mounted model in up to six degrees of freedom and output data to mouse, keyboard, joystick and Free Track-supported games.

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Researchers claim that this method is accurate to ±5 bpm.

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