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After they had established themselves, the occupying federals did not burn or pillage the city of Huntsville, though towns around it were sometimes targeted. The Union troops were forced to retreat some months later, but returned to Huntsville in the fall of 1863 and thereafter used the city as a base of operations for the remainder of the war.

While many homes and villages in the surrounding countryside were burned in retaliation for the active guerrilla warfare in the area, Huntsville itself was spared because it housed elements of the Union Army.

The city's sesquicentennial anniversary was held in 1955, David Wade arrived in Huntsville in 1817. It was torn down in 1952 and today only the antebellum smokehouse, an imposing structure, survives.

He built the David Wade House on the north side of Bob Wade Lane (Robert B. In 1819, Huntsville hosted a constitutional convention in Walker Allen's large cabinetmaking shop.

A combination of factors, including depopulation due to disease, land disputes between the Choctaw and Cherokee, and pressures from the United States government had largely depopulated the area prior to 1805.

That year Revolutionary War veteran John Hunt settled in the land around the Big Spring.

Resources in the area were strained as new workers flocked to the area, and the construction of housing could not keep up.

On the morning of April 11, 1862, Union troops led by General Ormsby M.Huntsville is the third-largest city in Alabama and the largest city in the five-county Huntsville-Decatur-Albertville, AL Combined Statistical Area, which at the 2013 census estimate had a total population of 683,871.It grew across nearby hills north of the Tennessee River, adding textile mills, then munitions factories, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command nearby at the Redstone Arsenal.In 1811, Huntsville became the first incorporated town in Alabama.However, the recognized "birth" year of the city is 1805, the year of John Hunt's arrival. During the Great Depression, the house was measured to be included in the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) Archive and was photographed by Frances Benjamin Johnston, but it had been abandoned for years and was considerably deteriorated.

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