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Ahura Mazda is the supreme god, but Zoroastrianism does not deny other deities.

Müller made the term central to his criticism of Western theological and religious exceptionalism (relative to Eastern religions), focusing on a cultural dogma which held "monotheism" to be both fundamentally well-defined and inherently superior to differing conceptions of God.

This documentary tracks the production of broadcast content, the lifestyles of professional players, and the narratives of the industry’s most involved employees.

The documentary includes expert interviews with industry professionals from both production and competitor viewpoints.

He and his imaginary friend Muscles (who comes from the boy’s favourite video game) work on dealing with what it means to have a hero in your life let you down, and how to move on from the inevitable losses we’re all going to face.

Two geeky video bloggers find themselves trapped when all the tropes of the trashy films they adore begin to infect and replace the laws of our own universe.

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  1. If someone contacts you on one of these sites wanting money, block future communication immediately if something seems "off." It's also a good idea to meet for first dates in a crowded, public place, whether you're using a free site or not.

  2. Records of the Board of Commissioners for the Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-63 An act of April 12, 1862 (12 Stat.376) abolished slavery in the District of Columbia.

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