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The situation in Kurdish-populated regions of southeastern Turkey is complicated by spillover from the war in Syria.

Turkey hosts over one million Syrian refugees, and in September, approximately 130,000 Syrian Kurds entered Turkey.

a discovery that might also radically change our understanding of human history.

In 1990, an odd type of blue stone, was discovered by geologist and archaeologist, Angelo Pitoni during one of his archaeological excavations in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

One of them is the three-pronged plug embedded in a small piece of granite.

The latter two events signaled an escalation of the government’s campaign against Gülen.All experts say the same thing, namely that the blue stone Its composition was found to be more than 77% oxygen, along with traces of carbon, silicon, calcium and sodium.The composition makes the “skystone” similar to a kind of concrete or stucco, and seems to have been .Message To – An extremely high tech civilization definitely existed in the distant past of our planet. Most of what we can learn about prehistoric people is from the artifacts they left behind.However, certain prehistoric findings seem to be extremely frustrating when it comes to analyzing their unknown properties.

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The stone was certainly produced by an unknown, highly advanced civilization lost in time.

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