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I think it’s a conscious choice of how you you’re your life and what you allow to affect you and what you don’t.I had 2 months of training prior to this film starting and everything from wire-work to fight choreography and weapon training and shooting guns and everything you could think of.(Chronicles of Riddick reference) You know what, at first it was definitely daunting and I think to step into the shoes that someone else has worn is always going to be a bit awkward but she, Rhianna gave me a real gift, a real gift in the foundation of this character and all I can do is thank her and hope that I did her justice. Yes, it’s like wearing a balloon just that you can’t breathe. It’s a funny thing to look at this little miniature toy, this tangible replica of yourself is funny but it’s a huge compliment really, I’m flattered by it. I’m reading Mutant Message Down Under which is a story of a woman, this aboriginal tribe in Australia, and I read a bunch of different things at once actually.They are such different, different, different things and the process is so different working in film versus television and the length of time that you have and the time that you have to explore everything because it’s so different. 5 minutes before the thing went on; I thought I was going to have a heart-attack. No, we had Mike stunt coordinator there who taught me everything in 5 minutes. I would never close any doors to anything and if it were a character that I loved regardless, I would definitely give it thought but that is my first love, film. You deal with it differently in every circumstance but I haven’t had much exposure to that so I don’t know yet. Being raised in France primarily as a child I spent a lot of time in the south of France and all through Italy and we traveled so much.

The pair began dating in 2006 and enjoyed a romantic relationship for two years.

Well, the 35-year-old When asked by public and media, the actress always avoids the questions about her current relationship status.

Additionally, she has also not shared any personal thing on her social networking sites that can assure her present relationship status.

But unfortunately, in 2008, the couple split without citing the reason behind the break up.

After the split, Alexa remained single but Lucas went on to date Jessica Ciencin Henriquez whom he eventually got married on 17 March 2012.

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I just hope to just carry on one step at a time and allow it to take its course really.

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