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In his new Netflix standup special , Minhaj gives us an endearing peek into his life, which is classic immigrant territory.

In the 1980s, his parents moved to the US from Aligarh and settled in Davis, California.

"It's kind of unfortunate that I have yet to meet a Muslim guy who …

held by those standards," she said of her experiences.

Muzmatch leads new users through a 15-question survey to determine how devout they are – to ensure they are matched with someone with a similar lifestyle and beliefs.

It's the only Muslim dating app to offer a "chaperone" option, which allows a designated third party to access the possible couple's communications.

In addition, the app places great emphasis on privacy and security. Users must snap a picture of themselves on the spot so the selfie can be verified against profile photos.

But among practising Muslims, the core rules for finding a partner remain more or less the same.

Young people are expected to involve their families in their search, and chaperones are commonly present when potential couples are getting to know each other.

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