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Cytoplasmic dynein will carry the vesicles containing the melanin to the center of the cell, which causes melanosomes to sequester the keratinocyte's nucleus, providing optimal protection from UV rays.

It is conjectured that these microscopic structures could be further studied to reveal the original colors and textures of softer tissues in fossils.Molecular motors, when signaled, will either carry melanosomes containing pigments out to the periphery of the cell, or concentrate them at the center.The motor protein dynein is responsible for concentrating the melanosomes toward the center of the cell, or the "minus end" of microtubules.It's a pathetic display of human idiocy and cruelty.And it's the tourists who keep this so-called tradition alive – most people in Spain don't even support bullfighting anymore The lack of any action to help animals suffering in British circuses prompted MPs to vote in 2011 to instruct the government to hurry up and introduce legislation to stop the cruelty.

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