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The man from Kerry has become an important lynchpin of the music scene in New York, helping Irish artists in particular to get on the map there.

But he is also a fine singer and songwriter – and has a new album to prove it...

10 years later, he started The Scratcher Sessions with Pete Olshansky – a free acoustic gig which took place every Sunday night.

But first and foremost, Brendan is a songwriter – and he is now preparing for the launch of his fourth full-length album, Midatlantic Ghost.

"And he said: ‘Hey, I have this guitar and there’s a big hole in the back of it, but I think Scratcher should have a guitar.’ So this is now The Scratcher guitar.” Brendan gives me a proud smile.

However, let's not count unhatched chickens yet, but wait until the end of October to see if Nougat has come to the Xperia Performance and XZ.

If not, start to be more than a little suspicious about this leaked footage.

This supposed presentation had a lot of release dates revealed that were not specific, but were at least down to the month of release for Android Nougat on certain Sony devices.

For example, it is stated that the Sony Xperia Performance and Sony Xperia XZ will get the Android upgrade in October of this year.

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  2. Its simple story, charting a developing relationship between two musicians, struck a chord with the public, who responded to the natural chemistry between Hansard and Irglova and the original music they performed in the film.