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Percy's best friends are Annabeth Chase, who is later his girlfriend and Grover Underwood, the Satyr.Annabeth Chase is one of protagonist Percy Jackson's closest friends and later his girlfriend, first appearing as a twelve–year-old who helps nurse him back to health after he fights the Minotaur.They live as runaways until they are found by Grover Underwood and taken to camp.Annabeth remains attached to Luke and convinced of his goodness even after his decision to support Kronos.After losing it in The Mark of Athena, she uses a drakon-bone sword given to her by the giant Damasen.She also uses Sadie Kane's wand when it turned into a dagger like the one Luke gave her.In the film adaptations, she is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario.

Grover is a very sensitive and nature-conscious person.Annabeth's appearances in crossover shorts with The Kane Chronicles, and in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard making her one of only two characters (Percy Jackson being the other character, appearing in the final Magnus Chase book, "The Ship of the Dead") that have appeared in all three of the Greco-Roman, Egyptian, and Norse mythology series by author Rick Riordan.Her main weapon is a short celestial bronze knife given to her by Luke.She leads quests in The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Mark of Athena.She also spends some time in Tartarus with Percy and Bob the Titan during the House of Hades.

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At the end of the series, she and Percy plan to finish high school in New York and then attend college in New Rome.

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