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Here I address his “Did Jesus Die in Outer Space.” Critics have already adequately shown the problems with Mc Grath in understanding facts and logic, so I don’t need to reproduce their work.I fully concur with the responses of Covington and Godfrey (any quibbles I have I’ll mention here).The most detailed response to Mc Grath’s paper is that of Neil Godfrey [who discusses issues of method and fact]. This is yet another example of his not correctly grasping key distinctions that make his where-is-Sheol argument a red herring that doesn’t correctly address the actual mythicist thesis. So even according to the canonical NT, its location is of no relevance to the mythicist thesis.But for a good brief response to start with, see Nicholas Covington, which is ideal for anyone who wants a TL; DR on the matter. I should also remind readers that Mc Grath evidently did not read my discussion in of Docetism, on pp.Plain and unadorned, the Dome of the Ascension stands in a walled compound east of the main road that runs on the top of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.The location is just north of the Church of Pater Noster — which is built over a cave that the first Christians used as a more secluded place to commemorate the Ascension.

All that remains of the several churches built to celebrate the Ascension is a small octagonal structure on a property that is now part of a mosque.Part of this rock remains today in the Dome of the Ascension, although the Muslims have moved it adjacent to a mihrab they inserted to indicate the direction of Mecca.They took the section bearing the left footprint to the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, where it was placed behind the pulpit there.Its tall tower, one of Jerusalem’s most prominent landmarks, was built to enable pilgrims to see the Jordan River.On the north side is the German Lutheran Church of the Ascension (also known as Augusta Victoria, after the wife of the Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany who initiated plans for the church in 1898), dating from the early 20th century.

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