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Realizing that you're dating the wrong person can be one of the most confusing romantic problems to deal with, because there are no giant, explosive red flags; while we're in the wrong relationship, we often think the fact that we're happy some of the time is proof that things are working.A lot of the time, the fact that you were a bad match only becomes clear long after you've split up, when you're trying to puzzle out what happened.

Ever been in a place for six months to a year, maybe two and spent every possible spare moment with someone, but never bothered to date because you knew you had to go back to school, or you graduated and they didn’t, or your job moved you to another city?

And even after we break up, it's often hard to recognize that we couldn't make things work just because the people involved weren't on the same page; it often feels easier to blame outside forces (school, work), or your former partner.

But despite the lack of huge red flags, there's often a feeling — a frequent vibe of confusion, exhaustion and general frustration with the relationship — that indicates that you and your partner don't have complimentary personalities, values or goals, and are simply a bad match.

In fact, for a ‘hot minute’, it looked like my cousin would be joining me in the ranks of single, ready-to-mingle sistahs, during her relationship, so I don’t doubt that there will be rough patches when navigating a less-than-ideal situation.

Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but I truly believe that relationships can blossom under less than ideal circumstances, like long distances, demanding careers and even children from previous relationships.

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