Benefit of updating microsoft skills

Having this little toolbar pop up whenever a word is selected is one of the default actions in Word, but a lot of people - myself included - find it almost as irritating as the infamous paperclip used to be in older versions. Watch the video:) Find and Replace has been a feature of word processing since the early days, but in Word 2010 it has become a lot more useful.

The new Navigation pane makes it possible to instantly move to another area of the document based on a heading style or a specific word, This makes it of immense value for anyone working with large documents and it is complemented by the next topic we will cover, using lists in Word.

Inserting the picture is a bit more detailed, because although a similar exercise is performed in Power Point the Picture tools are slightly different in Word.

I also show you how text wrapping can make all the difference to how your picture is presented. The Auto Correct feature helps keep the text spell checked as we type in Word, but it has a hidden benefit.

The other essential skill I share in this video is how to turn off the mini-toolbar.These files are the actual files used when the recordings were made, so you should have no problem replicating my actions.I'll be covering Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and Power Point in this series, but I'll be starting this tutorial with Microsoft Word.We can use it to create shortcuts to anything that is difficult to spell, or to remember, or anything that is tedious to type.In this video I show you how to harness this power for your own benefit and then expand the feature by covering Quick Parts.

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In the next tutorial I demonstrate checking spelling in Word, and although you might think you already know how to do this you might find there is more than one way...

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