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You can also link directly to your Battlefield 2 stats here at game Slave.Simply add your account name to the end of the following url, Changed bf2_hud_options cvar to include e by default, the comments said it was included but was not. The attached sma contains only a tiny amount of the code and is just there for reference purposes. Or that the HUD tends to disappear after a while (say /hud to make it come back if that's the case) As with the classes idea, I tend to agree with Servak.

Please enter you bf2 account name in the search box below and click search to proceed.I thought it would be under caree but it only tells u your level . In Battlefield 2, players chose to fight for one of three military superpowers: the United States, the Chinese, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition.If enabled, Badges will give the power up bonuses listed below. Contains entire script, compiled plugin, required sprite files, and optional sounds.Reward (*optional feature) Knife - 20/40/60% of damage done with knife returned to player. Round must end normally for medals to be given (dependent on intermission event, changelevel and amx_map will not call this event). BF2 Rank Mod 1.5.5 script - For upgrading servers, contains script only. If upgrading just download "BF2 Rank Mod 1.5.5 script" extract contents and compile locally.

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