Bindingnavigator not updating

You can use the Set Desktop Location method to position the form on the desktop.

The events of the class allow you to respond to actions performed on the form.

Binding Navigator Provides reference documentation for the Binding Navigator control.

Windows Forms Data Binding Contains links to topics describing the Windows Forms data binding architecture.

Binding Source Provides reference documentation for the Binding Source component.One or more controls on a form can be bound to data; in the following procedure, a Text Box control is bound to a data source.To complete the procedure, it is assumed that you will bind to a data source derived from a database.Second, the Binding Source component can act as a strongly typed data source.Adding a type to the Binding Source component with the Add method creates a list of that type.

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Optionally, invalidates the child controls assigned to the control.(Inherited from Control.) This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

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