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I tried to practice the traditional rules in a relationship once, and the guy broke up with me, claiming "he was doing all the work here." And you know what? There's a difference between establishing boundaries in a relationship (and making a guy earn your affection) and giving all of your power away.

And I realized gender-related dating rules were actually keeping me single.

Waiting too long to hook up with the guy you're dating just because you're following some rigid, "three, five, or whatever dates before you get down" system can not only friend zone the person you're dating, but it also prevents you from going with the natural flow of your relationship.

It shows you, the reader, what to look for in the person you're dating ...

~Part of the USA Today Bestselling Series~Playing dead isn't enough to keep Mercy Watts alive.

Since killing a man in New Orleans Mercy's kept her head down.

With diet, exercise, and work, she thinks she can keep wolves and memories at ...

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  1. Woman's Day went on in the article to allege that Robbie, who has been dating British-born assistant director Tom Ackerley since 2014, has always been "aware of Ben's infatuation" but was "wary about him being a married man".

  2. “What makes this particular spam operation unique is that it’s not trying to drive users directly to an adult webcam or dating site overtly, but it’s using the premise of the safety element to convince a user that he should be verified first before they meet,” says Narang.