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The course emphasizes the effects bullying has on the victim and suggests important life saving strategies to help youth, teachers, parents, and school administrators cope with this problem. & Nixon, C., NY: Research Press Publications, ISBN: 978-0-87822-61-8 ONLINE; Feb 12 - March 12 1 undergraduate credit hour, 6 ITEC 40093, CRN # 20890 1 graduate credit hour, 5 ITEC 50093, CRN # 20892 Kathleen Kettler, instructor, TLC More than 1.5 million children have at least one parent in prison or jail.

Participants will explore methods for handling bullying behavior and will discover many practical ways to create schools where everyone feels safe and respected. This workshop explores the impact parental incarceration has on children in the urban public school system and dispels the myths of the criminal justice system.

This Adobe Acrobat workshop is designed to equip the beginner or novice user with the skills needed to downsize and convert Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel files.

You will also be able to e-mail and create secure passwords for each PDF file.

Workshop participants will create an instructional video that can be used for flipped learning in their classroom.

Required Textbook: Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class & Every Day (2012). & Sams, VA: International Society for Technology in Education, ISBN: 64843157 or 815648431599 ONLINE; Jan 22 - Feb 11 2 undergraduate credit hours, 2 ITEC 40093, CRN # 20866 2 graduate credit hours, 30 ITEC 50093, CRN # 20867 Elizabeth Thomas, instructor, LDES Interested in increasing your skills to locate and write a successful grant proposal?

Within minutes, beginners can create a dynamic website or blog with a sharp design and zero coding required…for free!

In the two-week workshop, students will complete an e Portfolio that showcases their KSU coursework all with the Word environment.

The workshop will teach you proven methods to be a better communicator. Upon completion, workshop participants will be able to utilize information and resources related to teaching practice, business settings, and life situations.

Required Textbook: None ONLINE; March 5 - 16 1 undergraduate credit hour, 6 ITEC 40093, CRN # 20909 1 graduate credit hour, 5 ITEC 50093, CRN # 20910 Marian Maxfield, instructor, LDES Word Press is one of the most highly used platforms on the web.

It provides users with the tools needed to create blogs or websites with ease.

Required Textbook: NONE ONLINE; March 19 - April 14 2 undergraduate credit hours, 2 ITEC 40093, CRN # 20911 2 graduate credit hours, 30 ITEC 50093, CRN # 20912 Marian Maxfield, instructor, LDES What can young people tell us about bullying?

This course will present new and insightful evidence that changes the way we deal with bullying.

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