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Girls who date (46%) are also more likely than boys (30%) to delete or untag photos from a previous relationship.

In explaining why she would delete photos of a former beau, one high school girl in a Pew Research focus group last year put it this way: If she’s bitter about the relationship ending, “I’m erasing you from my life.” By and large, teen boys and girls tend to use the same methods to keep in touch, and they share similar expectations for how often they’d like to hear from their partner.

Among teens with relationship experience who use social media, 65% of boys say platforms like Facebook or Instagram make them feel more connected with what’s happening in their significant other’s life, compared with 52% of girls.

Once the rules are in place, apply them consistently.

Post-breakup, girls are more likely to erase their ex from their social media lives.

Some 44% of teen girls with dating experience have blocked or unfriended an ex on social media, compared with 31% of boys.

Achieving independence is an essential part of your child’s journey to adulthood.

To make this journey successfully, children need freedom to try new things. Here are some ideas to help you and your child find the right balance.

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