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Todd’s friend liked the look of her, and the three of them went out for hamburgers.Suzanne seemed like a different person, and by the end of the night, Todd was totally crushing on Suzanne, feeling conflicted about it.She lies and refuses to see reason about Rick, about her father, and about John.While we’re supposed to believe that her delusions about Rick come from naivete and blind infatuation, so little time or care is given to the storyline that it’s hard to care.

John is distraught and blames himself for being the reason that Jennifer is so angry with her father. He confides in Elizabeth, who urges him to come clean with Jennifer. had made plans for them to have dinner at his family’s house. Memorable Quotes: (Totally Unqualified) Critical Analysis: What I’m realizing, you guys, is that the books about tertiary characters are not very compelling for me.This book is particularly awful for two reasons: Jennifer is an incredibly annoying character; and John Pfeifer’s personality will change so drastically from this book to one about 40 books from now that it’s hard to take it seriously.Throughout much of the book, Jennifer complains about the fact that her parents treat her like a baby. She snaps at her parents and bursts into tears at the slightest provocation.But he doesn’t tell Elizabeth about this meeting, and he asks Suzanne not to tell her, either.Jessica and Lila are in a showdown for the title of Miss Christmastime.

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Jessica takes it a step further by recruiting Aaron Dallas and Winston Egbert to be her secret santas, leaving her mean gifts like empty boxes and ransom-style notes that say things like, “GO HOME SUZY.” Once Suzanne arrives, though, Elizabeth starts to wonder about whether or not playing mean tricks on her seems right.

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