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But i Dict has been reported to bypass those security implementations.

If i Dict does indeed work as it has been reported, there’s very little an i Cloud account owner can do to protect his/her account.

You can easily download the i Cloud hacking script & follow the installation guide on Github.

Moving on, there’s a buzz about why the hacking tool was released in the first place.

On the Github page of i Dict, a user name ‘Pr013’ sated the exploit that was behind this tool was ‘painfully obvious’ and it was just a matter of time before hackers started using it to gain access to i Cloud accounts.The tool use a list with 500 most used passwords to hack the i Cloud account.The i Dict script must be hosted on your hosting or localhost using Xampp server.Stars like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence had their i Cloud accounts compromised when hackers bypassed Apple’s security questions. So we recommend you to avoid this tool because your Apple ID can be disabled.The company later bumped security to prevent access to accounts. Meanwhile, you can read our guide on how to find i Cloud email and password from an older backup.

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