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To call them big stars is an exaggeration.[quote]WHET Danny Sommers? He is currently in marketing for a national, well-known consumer site.He has done very well in his last two jobs in the same field, and was eagerly hired for the job he has now.I understand that some of the big muscle guys did way too many steroids which fucked up their hearts, but many of these guys listed as dying from heart failure were twinks.

Zak loves to get fucked and Long made sure he got it good.Saw muscle daddy Zac Spears in his driveway, watering, last week - lives behind Pavillions, in We Ho, on Keith Ave. Tom Chase turns up in some Colt stuff once in a while these days.Zak Spears is supposed to be a personal trainer and he also turns up once in a while in vids.My profuse apologies for not hunting down your masturbatory fantasies via private detective and immediately providing photographic evidence of their up to the minute appearances!By the way, you needed a comma in that sentence, you illiterate cuntress. Big guy - not like a lot of these guys who are miniatures, in person.

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