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The New Jerusalem and the Revelation of John sets out comparative models of what sorts of cities existed during the time of the New Testament and what it meant to live in an ancient Mediterranean city.It further explains the significance of the celestial marriage of the City and the Lamb.The New Testament contains a much broader and more diverse perspective on conversion than is usually recognized, which Father Witherup organizes and presents.John the Baptist is one of the most fascinating and misunderstood people of the Bible.But what does the Bible really say about conversion? Many studies focus on psychological or anthropological aspects of conversion, but they give only a nod to the biblical data.

He is former president of the Catholic Biblical Association and author of articles on biblical interpretation.Why did his vision for Israel become such a challenge to Jesus and to the early Christian Church?How do we recognize and respond today to the New Testament traditions about the Baptist?The upsurge of "born again" Christianity has made conversion, a perennially important topic, especially popular today.With its special emphasis on the Bible and its teachings, evangelical Christianity has championed the need for conversion in modern life. According to the gospels, how central to the message of Jesus is conversion?

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