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Actived: Saturday Feb 3, 2018Link: tracked by us since September, 2013.Börse: Das klingt für viele nach Risiko, Zocken und Verlusten.[1] The new sighash types are fairly loose, and thus allow you to attach a transaction to a different parent if it uses the same output addresses.I think we could re-use the same keys in both paths if we ensure that the order of keys required is reversed for one, but we’d still need 4 keys, so it seems a bit too tricky.The funds either get added to your output (R value revealed before timeout) or my output (timeout).Note that we can have an arbitrary number of independent HTLCs in progress at once, and open and/or close as many in each transaction update as both parties agree to.We do this the same way we did for that 1c going to you: send the output via a timelocked mutually signed transaction.But there are transaction paths in an HTLC: the got-the-riddle path and the timeout path, so we need to insert those timelocked mutually signed transactions in both of them.

Hi, I was one of the authors/bikeshedders of BIP9, which Pieter Wuille recently refined (and implemented) into its final form.

This is vastly more efficient than storing a transaction for every HTLC, and indicates the scale (thousands of HTLCs per second) that the authors are thinking.

My next post will be a TL; DR summary, and some more references to the implementation details and possibilities provided by the paper.

Wer sich doch zur Geldanlage an der Börse durchringt, will meist mehr Rendite aus seinem Ersparten herausholen.

Bei Indexfonds-Sparplänen zahlen Sie bei jeder Einzahlung eine Gebühr an die Bank, die den Sparplan anbietet.

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First let’s append a 1 day delay to the timeout path: Similarly, we need to append a timelocked transaction on the “got the riddle solution” path, which now needs my signature as well (otherwise you could create a replacement transaction and bypass the timelocked transaction): Poon-Dryja channels are symmetrical, so the full version has a matching HTLC on the other side (except with my temporary keys, so you can catch me out if I use a revoked transaction).

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