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We hope to get more personal time with Cortana in the coming weeks as new Windows Phone 8.1 devices come out, but we at least got a few minutes to play around with the service.

It'll start out in beta mode, which means that Microsoft still has some work to do before it's a completely solid and reliable feature.

Here's an example of one simple action (opening a robe), enticing each of these senses: Visual Sensation: If you've been having a cyber-love affair, you may be wondering about taking it to the next level of reality., the iconic first-person shooter based 500 years in the future, knows where Microsoft came up with the name of Cortana, its new voice recognition program on Windows Phone 8.1.Master Chief might be the star of the video game series, but Cortana is the heroic digital sidekick that saves his behind in almost every level.If the answer is yes, and you are willing to accept any possible outcome, then you know what you need to do next. The man you have (created) in your mind may not be anything like the real thing. And he may have built up an idealized image of you. ...) we all know who's in control of the seduction. If you hadn't given him the green light in the first place, he wouldn't have continued to give you his attention. Most men don't put themselves in situations where they are going to be rejected for very long.

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