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I know this because being in full-time singles ministry I do my own surveys.From people posting old photos to lying about their age, to even lying about being a follower of Christ—I have heard it all.There is a lot of info you can find out about someone without “friending” them. I would drive 2 hours to have dinner with someone and then drive home. I would ask about their church/ministry, how they serve, who their pastor is, etc.

Online dating, while successful for a few, is overall a failure for most (despite what the dating services advertise).The advances would be even more intensified had she posted her profile on an online dating site.The bottom line is to not allow yourself be pushed into something you discern as wrong or that makes you feel uncomfortable.If they are a mature Christian, they are going to be involved in their church. Communicate your desire for a mate, and allow the Lord to direct you both.There may be evidence on their Facebook page that shows them serving. If you meet any man who doesn’t want to take the time to get to know you in the Lord, then he is not the right one.

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As a caution though, many use online dating not as a noble alternative to finding their spouse but rather a place to satisfy their mortal cravings.

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