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The library building space will increase in size from 24,500 square feet to 31,300 square feet.

If the referendum passes, what does the project schedule look like? Would the library remain open during construction/renovation? The solution to the issues highlighted by the facility analysis is to renovate and expand the current library.

Building Project FAQs Guide FAQ Full PDF Document FAQs Index Library History and Problem Statement Q1. Therefore, the addition’s square footage was reduced to approximately 9,300 square feet. Why do libraries generally cost more than other facilities to renovate and expand?

What is the proposed solution to the library problems? What steps did the Library Board take to come to this decision? Why does Villa Park need a renovated/expanded library? Libraries generally cost more than other facilities because: For me, the library provides me access to far more books than I could ever afford to own.

Staff members assist patrons in the use of all new technologies.

It should be noted that book use is stronger than ever, even with the increase in technology.

The Library Board had a facility analysis completed in March 2015.

An illustration of the traditional tendency to prefer print can be found in the private sector. Because of the urgency of replacing major systems which are all connected and based on input from the community, the Library Board determined to ask the community to explore renovation and expansion. The Library Board determined to work with Williams Architects to address the building priorities and to assist in the public meetings. General Information about the Villa Park Public Library Addendum Library History and Problem Statement The Villa Park Public Library was built in 1969 and remodeled in 1997.For the community, I believe the benefit is that and more.

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