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So you’ve discovered that your teen has a dating app or website account, or that they’ve been flirting—or more—through social media. Don’t yell or freak out or break down your teen’s door.It’s time for a conversation, and you might only get one chance to set the tone for these next few crucial years. You’re here to inform them and ensure their safety.Help your teen to understand how easy it is for someone to misrepresent themselves online.Tell them that they need to include you in any dating plans or conversations, if you’re going to allow that.These are dating sites that allow users to create a profile and get matched up with compatible people—pretty simple stuff here.

When kids are just beginning to explore romantic interactions, dating sites, apps, and social media can be risk-filled endeavors leading to a loss of privacy, meetings with strangers, and inappropriately intimate encounters.Gently tell them that you’re Above all, let your teen know that you understand him or her. And when issues come up, they’ll be much more likely to come to you for help and guidance.The next step for protecting your teen from the dangers of online dating is to ensure the protection of their privacy.So much of teenage life happens in the online world.The activities that once took a large amount of time and effort, such as finding entertainment, shopping, and socializing, to name just a few, are now nearly effortless, and can be done without ever leaving the house.

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Do you know who they’re sharing their information with?

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  2. “Users are getting that true sense of who someone is through a highly accountable and trustworthy network.” In addition to Be Linked, there are apps for those looking for an even more niche dating app than The League.