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There’s nothing wrong with that and I know plenty of successful relationships that have started online. I wanted workplace romances and kissing against the photocopier. Okay, so I know this is the romanticised Hollywood-version of how couples meet, but hey – meeting a guy on a lonely bus ride home is pretty damn close.

Let us not forget the weird loner who was on that dating site 6 years ago though, I bet he’s laughing at us all now! Are we even interested romantically in the first place, or is it just a huge ego trip?

I’m not a confident person, so it’s by no means easy for me.

But it’s a challenge I really want to try my best at. I’ve certainly gotten better at talking to people I’ve just met, but I haven’t made a connection yet.

I am more than the sum of my emoji usage, ironic hashtags and pop culture references.

I am the slight side-glance when I’m nervous, the hair twist when I’m bored, the cuddly slouch to the side when I’m comfortable. If you’re not interested, quit the ego trip and stop wasting everyone’s time.

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