Dating a female police officer

In my second year of school, I got a job as a sales person for a manufacturing firm.After about six months, I felt at the end of the tether.ALSO READ: How life experiences and challenges drove me to birth a foundation: The story of Wendy Loyce “We have had police reforms. Serving the citizens and often putting their lives on the line for others,” she says with a smile as she settles into her seat.Currently attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, commonly known as the CID wing, the young woman’s journey to the enviable position was anything but easy.Luckily he missed the shot and it shattered the car windows instead and our driver panicked and rammed into a gate. The criminals were apprehended later.” Emma says being in a workforce with older experienced males is challenging but interesting.“I think being a woman in a mostly male work force is challenging even in other jobs. I don’t let that play in as a factor because I really want to learn from them. I take it as a challenge and I know that I will be very experienced someday,” she says.A police officer remains a police officer anywhere. A cop is not your enemy, and you function better as a police officer when people aren’t scared of you.” So what does her work as CID officer involve?“I am in the learning process as I am a few months in and I love it already.

Unfortunately, they were taking only the top three. “By some weird stroke of fate, the lady who came in third was confirmed pregnant after medical tests. The lady joined the forces after having her baby.” One foot in, all Emma had to do now was endure the 15 months of intense training at Kiganjo and graduate for the real work to begin.“When he hits you the first time, know that it will happen again.So do something about it the first time and do report it to the police too.” When she is not busy playing law officer, Emma will be found enjoying cop shows like NCIS and Mentalist among others with her daughter, or working on her interest in music.“I was caught in a shootout one month into my new career as a cop.My partner and I had gone to check out a house with robbery in progress.

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