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Lasting relationships are like firm structures built on strong foundations, anything else is tantamount to building on quick sand or getting in a relationship based on flimsy emotions.

The jaded notion that people must give 150% of their true self is a myth that needs to be thrown into the deepest hollows of Mt. It’s a falsehood that builds on and later catches up with the culprit albeit too late thus resorting to lies and later a bungled relationship.

Lacking a common practice that defines dating makes the scenario easy to predation and infusion of un-orthodox tactics to suit what people think dating is.

In an ever changing universe, cultures are exported and imported and societies pick other people’s practices and conform to them.

Below are some reasons why the dating scene is pathetic or totally non-existent in Kenya.

CULTURE-LESS: The lack of a dating culture in Kenya is somehow to blame how people date.

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Restaurants, inns, hotels and all the hullabaloo is a stereo-typed notion that has been passed on but spontaneity can add vigor and life to an otherwise stale date.

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