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In fact, I remember my mother insisting that I keep a .00 bill in the bottom of my shoe to get a taxi if I had to. It was not that men were horrible human beings, it was just a recognition that there could be misunderstandings –mixed signals as it were. In one instance, Brown allegedly kissed the young woman.Yea, that is what usually happens when a woman has not only gone to his house, but willingly sits on his bed. In neither case, did I hear that the young women were forced by Brown to do anything. If the Liberal Party of Ontario, or anyone representing that party, had anything to do with this destruction of Brown’s political career, my hope is that Liberal candidates are decimated in the June 2018 election.Does she have no responsibility for her own behaviour? I mean, he obviously had something else in mind and the signal she gave him on taking him up on his invitation, is that she was game to play.I mean, that sort of thing is called dating or hooking up.

“You don’t hear so much about women,” she said.“I’m a super-paranoid parent,” she continued, offering the cautionary tale to other parents that if her child could be preyed upon, others can, as well.

The mom said she would check her son’s phone regularly.

Her son has what she described as a “mild intellectual disability,” so he was especially vulnerable and she was especially cautious, she said.

She is a 36 year-old married woman, with children in high school and elementary school.

He had just turned 14 and had been dating her daughter.

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