Dating fender pickups and pots

I've yet to find a Fender USA, Mexican or Japanese bass yet it didn't nail. I'm not on world tour so I just use Fender Gig Bags now, even for my non-Fender basses because they are great bags.JP90's are really nice instruments and I wish I had mine back which I traded for a P-bass special. I keep after my nephew who designs products for Oakley to design some really cool guitar and bass bags for Oakley.Do anybody know the numbers or letters, that i should know. The second thing is, that the pickguard is destroyed and i can't find a new one. S.: I'm german, so please explain the things simple, ok?! Choose 250K pots with either split or solid shafts depending on the knobs you want to use.Potentiometers: with single-coil pickups, you will probably want 250K pots. Split shafts are for push-on knobs like on a Stratocaster guitar and solid shafts are for knobs with a set screw, like on most Precision and Jazz basses and Telecaster guitars.If you feel like you need more sustain then a high mass bridge would help in that regard but is not always required.The OFFICIAL FENDER SPECS for the JP90 follow: Model Name: JP-90 Model Number: 014-4100-(Color #) Series: Standard Series Body: POPLAR Neck: MAPLE Fingerboard: ROSEWOOD No.If the pots are noisy you might could clean them with contact cleaner.Remove the pot from the pickguard, put someone under it like a newspaper to catch any dripping product and spray down the shaft and give the pot about 100 turns full travel.

I'm also not sure what the chemicals used in tanning leather do to the finish on an instrument. My bass has two volume controls and a single tone control.I do know its a MIA bass, it has two picks (one for precision bass an one for jazz bass, and swithc). If you don't like the stock pickguards at then check with JEANIE pickguards.I got it serial number but i cant find the way to check it with the Fender website. GREAT work and a huge selection of classy materials to pick from. Their link is on the REPLACEMENT/UPGRADE BASS PARTS addendum page from my RESOURCES page which is the link in my forum signature below.This might let you keep your original pots, but if it doesn't work then you'll need new ones.I only usually replace pots if I don't like the quality of the pot like on import basses or if it doesn't improve with a spray or two.

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