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Later on Wednesday, Wayne issued an apology of sorts for his ill-conceived remarks, which also followed him being questioned about his misogyny."When the reporter began asking me questions about my daughter being labeled a bitch and a hoe, I got agitated,” Wayne told TMZ."Boy them cops is killas in my home," he spits on the ’06 track."N---a shot dead in the middle of the street/I ain't no thief, I'm just trying to eat/Man, f--k the police and President (Georgia) Bush.” Just this year, Wayne was a featured guest on Solange Knowles critically acclaimed arguably the Blackest album of 2016 in terms of addressing social issues of today from track one to completion -- for the song "Mad." Here, Solange sings to fellow Blacks about how it’s okay to be frustrated about how the system treats African Americans.

" As far as imagery goes it’s not a stretch to assume that at least some of those with prejudices against him -- a young Black man -- are white people in that scenario.

For those angry at the rapper for his uncanny aloofness, it might be best to redirect your energy.

As disappointed as you are that Lil Wayne chooses not to express sociopolitical views that encourage activism and justice for Black America, try doing everything in your power to propel and uplift the voices that do -- like a Common, who is actually releasing a hard-hitting, BLM-addressing album called today (Nov. That’s a guy who, like many others, recognizes his power and is ready to fully utilize it. But to be clear, he doesn’t owe it to anyone to be like Muhammad Ali, whose words against injustice packed punches that rivaled those he threw as a boxer or Maya Angelou, who used her poetry to help others rise.

In an age where Black people feel like lesser beings (for obvious reasons, including umpteen senseless killings and the hands of policemen), it would help to have a figure as big as Lil Wayne join the fray as an outspoken representative.

How impactful would it be to see all those Caucasian faces at a Lil Wayne show yelling “Black Lives Matter” or rallying behind the cause in a significant way? It hurts the cause and the culture to see Wayne throw up a Blood flag before tossing his snapback cap into the BLM ring.

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