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Most of the gentlemen that I scoped out online seemed to prioritize their health, spiritual connection, and personal growth.

Their profile pics include words like “listening,” “connection,” and “mindfulness.” If these are important values for you, then If you use the free version of the site, you can browse local users and like them.

The Girlfriend Activation System could be the answer.

I can't entirely agree with everything in this book.

He genuinely cares about his followers as well as making a difference in the wold which is why I enjoy promoting his work. This book is the opposite of that: you must BE the person who is confident, rather than ACTING LIKE that person.

Thank you for the help in the past Andrew as well as positive future ahead!!!! This is the kind of dating advice I wish I'd read 15 years ago.

If you’re curious to check it out, sign up for free and find out how many people are in your local community.

If you like what you see, then you can opt to pay for the premium version.

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As a guy who actually reads, studies, and implements dating techniques and guides, I will provide you with the best and yet HONEST reviews of the top dating programs, guides, and books out there.

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