Dating quilt blocks

Quilts using radiant symmetry and multiple fabrics in structured arrangements or blocks.

Kaleidoscopic Configurations Collection In 2002 I had just made my first quilt since the 80’s when I came across a series of American School of Needlework “Wacky Wizard” pamphlets by Linda Causee.

When something interests me enough to explore, one quilt is rarely enough to satisfy my curiosity; I keep wondering how it would look if I changed one aspect or another of whatever process I am engaged in.

Sometimes other quilts elbow their way in (commissions, new class samples, timely gifts and so forth) and interrupt, so I may have to get back to my series at a later date.

It will be a valuable reference for all of us studying quilt history, women's history and textile history.

Single-fabric quilts using radiant symmetry to reduce a big print to the sum of its parts and reconfigure it as a dynamic abstract composition.

Abstract Deconstructions Collection My “Pieces of Eight” abstract quilts incorporate two distinct design phases: first the octagons are laid out, as I had done for years, but then kaleidoscopic corner squares from the same print are plugged into the interstices, a wonderful idea from Maxine Rosenthal’s book, opened my eyes to their design possibilities: nesting shapes eliminate square corners, freeing the quilt from the rigidity of the block.

Quilting News of Yesteryear: Crazy as a Bed Bug From the early 1880s through the second quarter of the twentieth century, American women made crazy quilts in colossal numbers.

The velvets, satins, silks, wools and cottons of the crazy quilt era reflect abundance in the economy of the society-at-large.

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