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It is basically a blade on a stick, the safety bar is decorative as far as shaving is concerned.The blade has the safety bar connected to a holeon the spine, which can collect water. I like using the Rolls as an alternative to a safety. ------------------ Edit: I see I didn't really finish off this series of posts properly. Yep, honing the Rolls blade on lapping film works very well. Mickey Some folks suggest sending the blade out for honing.It is more maneuverable than a straight and is also a cool bit of equipment. After that, the blade is stroppable in the stropping mechanism. I think it really depends on the condition of the blade, the hone and the strop.Here's the Viscount opened: You can see that the hone is not broken here.I have replaced the original strop with a new bit of leather.

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There were several of these adaptations of straight razors to safeties that came into the market in response to Gillette's invention of the safety razor.

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