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In between these two faults the Chiwaukum graben was created.( A graben is a large block of rock that drops between two normal faults).As the leading edge of the glacier interacted with the flood, ice rafts formed carrying granite erratics from the Stuart batholith ending up in the town of Dryden about 15 miles down valley from Leavenworth.As the glacier retreated, the south side of Leavenworth was a lake dammed up by the moraine.Leavenworth sits on the southeast side of the North Cascades collage, which is a group of terranes that accreted to North America all about the same time.

The railroad construction was completed during the winter of 1893.

A small timber community, it became the headquarters of the Great North Railroad in the early 1900s.

The railroad relocated to Wenatchee in the 1920s, greatly affecting Leavenworth's economy.

In November 2007, Good Morning America went to Leavenworth for Holiday Gifts for the Globe where GMA helped light up the town for the Christmas Holiday.

Leavenworth was also named the Ultimate Holiday Town USA by A&E.

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