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I filled out the application with tons of bizarre (but true) stories about being kidnapped and getting thrown out of bars and the like.

What you might not know about ‘Blind Date’ and similar shows is that the video where people introduce themselves is often shot right at the audition and then re-used.

A few weeks ago we shared stories from three guys who had their cars tricked out on MTV’s totally manipulated reality show, ‘Pimp My Ride.’ I felt a special connection with them, because I also have some reality television experience – as a dater on syndicated classic ‘Blind Date.’If you’re too young to remember ‘Blind Date’ (which is a scary concept), it was some of the best televised cringe around.

Two strangers were sent out on a romantic outing with camera crews, and the producers would make fun of them with pop-up text and animation.

If you live in a major city, three or four shows are looking to cast on Craigslist every single week.

So I sent an e-mail and got called in to a rented office to fill out a nine-page application document.

You can text him something like, "Is my calendar lying to me or were we on for ?

" It shows him you aren't in freak-out mode yet.

"I wish I'd taken my own advice a few years ago.

Depression makes you wonder if you'll be forever alone, and then acceptance finally graces you with its presence. It's so easy to cancel a date, which makes it even more annoying if he doesn't but just won't show up all the same.

The best way to approach the situation is in a calm manner with a bit of humor thrown in.

Of course, you're well within your rights to be there!

But guys sometimes avoid telling women things because they're scared we'll have an overly emotional reaction, so it's best send the message that you won't blow up without knowing that it's warranted.

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