Dating violence against men

60)) If one adds in rape (606,000 victims) the total is 5,427,000 women-but there is an issue of double-counting of an incident as both rape and intimate partner physical violence.

2 Of the lifetime rape victims, 82.8% were also victims of physical violence.

California State University Professor Martin Fiebert summarizes almost 200 of these studies online.6​.

Journal of Family Violence: A recent study in the Journal of Family Violence found many male callers to a national hotline experienced high rates of severe violence from female partners who used violence to control them.7​.

“The nature of criminality has been changing for females, and this change is reflected in intimate relationships as well.”4​.

Men may have a difficult time recognizing and identifying abuse in a relationship.

They may also feel shame and for that reason keep the abuse to themselves.

We cannot break this intergenerational cycle by ignoring half of it.

That's why a global coalition of experts has formed to support a research-based, inclusive approach, and their website has solid data showing women initiate the violence as often as men.2​.

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