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if you are reverted to Islam you also must get Islamic certification from the mosque" Masjed" you became Muslim in this for later use also in part 2- you have to meet her family to propose to her and bring either your family or in case you don't bring some well known respected people to support you and be like your referral's like you have people her family can get back to them when they need to ask about you ..- if they approved you you will be asked about why you want to marry her and how she gonna live with you and where ..

can you support her what's your qualifications,so many questions it's kind of investigation ^_^ - after that the the Dowry " Maher" the Gold the wedding costs : you should know that the Dowry it depends on the family and what area but won't be less than 5000$ 3000$ for the wedding cost(minimum according to my opinion ) Part 2 : the marriage approval ( permission to get married )there are a lot of procedures the woman and the man must completed in order to legalize their marriage and also the do the religion Islamic marriage - the woman side :1- passport Id birth certificate Id photos2- approval of her her father or brother any man of her relatives that is responsible of her to represent her and they must get that approval from the court close to their area.

As a Yemeni girl got married from a foreigner man I Know a lot of things about it.*first thing :getting approved by the family of the girl..(Part 1 the 1st difficult part)*second thing: getting approval from the government..

which is the legal part before going to the Islamic marriage (part 2 another difficult part) ___________________part 1 :-- if you are a man and you want to get married from a Yemeni girl you MUST be a MUSLIM practicing Islam or not that's something between you and the girl but you have to expect that the girl and her family will ask you a lot about that ..

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they will ask to see all the papers you got don't worry.....

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  2. Several members of our group have actually “started” dating, but the guys are finding it especially awkward after several dates when the women are expecting more “activity.” The guys don’t know how to explain that they haven’t really ever even kissed a woman before.