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Just a few well-known china head doll manufacturers among the dozens who produced them included: American companies, along with other German, French and Czech factories also produced dolls, but, as previously mentioned, many of the dolls were unmarked and little is known about the smaller companies.

Collectors Weekly notes that from the 1860s until the 1930s or so, millions of china head dolls were made and sold, and are still popular in the antiques marketplace.

Taken all together, a china head doll has to have a lot in place for it to command the highest prices.

For example, one particularly interesting china doll was Frozen Charlotte, which was a one-piece doll of china -- head, limbs, and body.

China was first made in the East, where the process was secret, according to Global Times newspaper.

An excellent publication for identifying (or purchasing) china head doll clothing is Antique Doll Collector Magazine, which lists dealers and resources for research.

Several factors enter into what makes a china head doll rare or valuable.

Dolls were dressed and changed and loved by children, so many times the clothing on a doll is not original.

A china head doll with original clothing (or at the very least, clothing from the doll's era) is more valuable than a doll without the correct clothing.

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