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The latest in this genre is a CNN article titled “Swipe Left If You Voted For Trump: How dating in New York is changing under the new administration.” It is all about how many liberals in New York (and probably elsewhere) are getting all “Trump supporters need not apply” in their dating profiles. Yes, people would be more open to being peed on (or vice versa) than to dating someone who voted for Donald Trump. At least the former can be rectified with a shower.In the article, reporter Orlaith Farrell notes that he’s noticed Since the beginning of the year, I started noticing a new dating profile.The native New Yorker was defriended by her entire field hockey team after sharing a video by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.Not being able to get a date, or even being defriended by your entire field hockey time, is the least worst thing to have happened to anyone as the result of Trump being president.In Manhattan, where my app trawled for potential suitors, perhaps 1 in 20 would feature this new angle: The few short paragraphs traditionally filled with description or a witty quip were being used for political demarcation.Men and women were asking suitors to immediately discount themselves based on how they voted in 2016.As someone who is neither a masochist or a sociopath, I’m at a loss.

Like this one here: “My politics don’t define me,” he says, with one of the great accents of a New Yorker with Italian heritage. I’m a nice person, open-minded.” That is a thing that assholes do.

Why would I want to bring that person around my friends?

Why would I want to be around someone whose actions have resulted in harm coming to me and to people I care about, and who isn’t even sorry about it?

Flicking through Tinder, in the interest of immersive journalism, I kept seeing a biography specific to 2017.

The photos were interchangeable: the look-at-me-with-my-niece-I’m-good-with-kids shot, the body-shot, and the look-I-visited-Machu-Pichu shot.

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Wir sind überzeugt, dass persönliche und fachliche Weiterentwicklung und Unternehmenswachstum zusammengehören.

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