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She's now, like, 25, and she's trying to figure things out.""[Jake T. Like, he's literally lost," Henrie continued, while Gomez laughed.

"He now just makes sandwiches on the street." RELATED: 'Wizards of Waverly Place' Star Jake T. Gomez also posted two Instagram snapshots that fans suspect may be a peek at the new Latin music she is said to be creating for Mexican singer Paulina Rubio's upcoming album, set for release this year.

Austin Reportedly Dating Super Fan Who Tweeted Him for 5 Years The antics continued, while the singer then mused, "Should we do the reunion, guys? I think we should."While Henrie then went on to harp on Alex's marital status -- or lack thereof -- Gomez shut it down with a decided, "You know what? "Vente pa' ca," the star captioned one of the photos, which means "come over here" and is also the title of Ricky Martin's 2016 single.

to deal with panic attacks and depression related to her lupus diagnosis and admits that she is finally feeling refreshed.

Alex is single; she's still trying to find herself.According to her Miss America contestant bio, her primary platform issue was She also wants to obtain a master's degree in Business and communication and hopes to host her own talk show someday.She also actively supports the "bring back the veil" campaign, which attempts to restore tradition in the catholic community.Lorenzo currently plays Chris Manawa in Fear the walking dead, a prequel to the AMC hit The Walking Dead.Henrie also skipped out on a date for the Teen's choice awards, instead going with his brother. He wrote: But Henrie is not the only one busy with important things.

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