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In this case we can coerce the value within the allowed boundaries.In the following example we limit the time to be in the past. Is does not make sense to provide a setter for this value.This sequence is a bit simplified, but it shows the main concept. Important: Do not add any logic to these properties, because they are only called when you set the property from code.To create a Dependency Property, add a static field of type to create an instance of a dependency property. If you set the property from XAML the Set Value() method is called directly.Thanks a lot again :) Hello I Am working wpf application drag and drop just like paint like paint.?

Appreciate a lot for your help however, I am a newbie to this one and it would be great if could possibly help me with the same.

Introduction Value resolution strategy The magic behind it How to create a Depdency Property Readonly Dependency Properties Attached Dependency Properties Listen to dependency property changes How to clear a local value When you begin to develop appliations with WPF, you will soon stumble across Dependency Properties. NET properties, but the concept behind is much more complex and powerful.

The main difference is, that the value of a normal .

NET property is read directly from a private member in your class, whereas the value of a Dependency Property is resolved dynamically when calling the method that is inherited from Dependency Object. This baseclass defines a key, value dictionary that contains local values of dependency properties.

When you set a value of a dependency property it is not stored in a field of your object, but in a dictionary of keys and values provided by the base class Every time you access a dependency property, it internally resolves the value by following the precedence from high to low. The key of an entry is the key defined with the dependency property. NET property wrapper, it internally calls to access the value.

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Second thing to do is registering a public dependency property that is assigned to Attached properties are a special kind of Dependency Properties.

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