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Aviva charges £18 to change an address on motor policies and up to £12 on home policies if the customer phones the call centre. But the insurer wants £10 if a customer pays by credit card.She says: ‘If an admin fee was not charged, the costs associated with people who make frequent adjustments – and some people change cars and drivers more than four times a year, such as those who buy cars to do up and sell privately – would be borne by all policyholders.’But not all insurance companies charge these fees.Seek out either high density or an elite (preferrably both).

Financial Mail research has found that the charges to make a policy alteration such as a change of name or address can be as high as £26, even when the house move has not meant any increased risk or change to the premium.Watchdog Consumer Focus has said insurers should be up front about any extra fees and these should reflect the true cost of the administration involved in making the policy changes. is due to publish the findings of its analysis of these ‘extra charges’ later this month.Sarah Brooks, director of financial services at Consumer Focus, says: ‘Additional fees should not be used as an opportunity to catch out policyholders who are doing the right thing by ensuring their details are up to date.Policyholders with Allianz Your Cover can change for free a name or address on a motor or home policy.There is also no surcharge for those who pay by credit card and no cancellation fees.

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Steed Charge - Endurance, a ton of MS to jump between elite packs.

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